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Riverside Terrace dining

This is terrace restaurant

  • VIP Banquets
    VIP Banquets

    If you are planning to organize a cozy but luxury meeting at the center of HCMC then the VIP room of Riverside Terrace Dinning is your perfect choice.

    Riverside Terrrace Dining is a perfect choice for those seeking for a private and luxurious dinner in the city center.

    The exclusive space with truly designed for a warm and intimate feeling from 10 to 40 guests, arefully chosen menu that blends the essence of Western and Asian cuisine, the professional service with floating melodies of piano and violins, Riverside Terrace Dining would be the ideal location to organize your warm meeting with partners or a cozy family night out.

  • 60 refreshing vegetarian dishes
    60 refreshing vegetarian dishes

     Well-balanced your body with vegetarian food is a great choice after Tet holidays. It’s not only refresh your daily taste, but also improve your health.


    Nowadays, having vegetarian food is a world trend by its advantages to our health. Vegetarian food are rich on vitamins, fiber, minerals, which can refresh your body, ward off diseases, keep your weight down, and live longer. In additions, the vegetarian lifestyle helps the environment to avoiding serious bacterial infections and protecting our environment.


    Let’s experience our fresh vegetarian dishes at Riverside Terrace Dinning. where you brought the best vegetarian dishes with incredible service that you can’t find any wherelse.

  • Royal Thai Buffet
    Royal Thai Buffet

     Thai food is a amazing combination of herbs, spices, fresh ingredients and unique cooking method which all the flavors: sour, sweet, bitter and spicy are blended perfectly. At Riverside Terrace Dining, you are inspired by our excellent Thai food as in city center .

    Riverside Palace Thai buffet brings you to the journey of flavors through more than 40 different dishes, such as Pad Thai, Thai Sour Soup, Green Curry, Red Curry, Mango Sticky Rice, Grilled Meat,… which are so popular all over the world.

    Explore your food journey at Riverside Terrace Dining by…

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